What is The Product Knowledge Network?

What is The Product Knowledge Network? The Product Knowledge Network (PKN) is a free on-line information portal providing everything you need to know about selecting nonstick coatings for the products that use them.

Designed by the Retail Marketing team at Whitford, The Product Knowledge Network was created because information, especially the right information, is a powerful tool.

Now, anyone can learn about nonstick coatings, whether a retail employee, a corporate executive, or a consumer looking to understand more about the safety of these products and the healthier lifestyle they provide.

Our purpose: To provide a free, flexible and useful website packed with information on the important aspects of nonstick coatings.
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About The Product Knowledge Network (PKN) and How it Works

The Product Knowledge Network (PKN) is an online information portal that is completely free. PKN provides information about various topics relating to nonstick coatings and products that use them. This online information portal was designed by the Whitford Corporation Retail Marketing Team. The Retail Marketing Team at Whitford understands that the right information is a powerful tool, thus PKN was created.

Anyone can use the PKN website to learn about nonstick coatings. Corporate executives, retail employees, or consumers can learn more about the safety of nonstick coatings, products that use nonstick coatings, and the healthier lifestyle nonstick coatings provide. The PKN site is packed with information, including sections on nonstick coatings, specific products, and other related topics. Furthermore, the PKN site offers news and blog sections so users can be fully informed about current nonstick coated products and technologies.

Coating Curriculum
PKN has everything you need to know about nonstick coatings. This section of the website is a resource for all aspects of nonstick coatings. Through the coating curriculum, you are introduced to nonstick coatings and can learn about how nonstick coatings originated, the benefits of nonstick coatings, the different types of nonstick coatings, common coating problems, and much, much more. This section of the PKN website also answers commonly-asked questions about nonstick coatings. No matter what you want to know about nonstick coatings, the coating curriculum from PKN will provide the information you need.

Product Knowledge from PKN
The product knowledge section of the PKN website offers information on nonstick coatings and products on which they are found. Topics in this section include Opções de substratos, vessel shapes, bottom treatments, Alças e acessórios, Tampas, and the Ciclo de desenvolvimento do produto. Each topic is accompanied by a dropdown menu of more detailed information.

Other Information Available from PKN
A third major section on the PKN website offers substantial information on other topics that are related to nonstick coatings and products that have nonstick coatings. Topics in this section include heat sources, packaging and label information, and green labeling and environmental claims. Within each topic, more detailed information is provided.

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